Monday, January 15, 2007

Is Social Crime Bigger Than National crime???

Is Social Crime Bigger Than National crime???
Recent indian judicial judgements and media trials suggest that national crime has less sensitive to indian media and judiciary than social one.

Nation always remains supreme for all odinary indian. So please share your views on issue.

Justice delayed ,justice deined Vs Justice Hurried is Justice Burried

please share your views on issue

puneet wadhwa

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Justice Should Be For All , Not Only for Media Driven Society

We are not against or in favor of any section of society. Only we want to share is, the Victory of Justice for Jessica should not be confine to high powered and top linked society. These people can do any thing to remain in page three of news papers.
The celebration after high court verdict by Sabrina lall and Indian media with opening of Champagne bottles reminds ordinary Indian, who till today has not tasted a drop of pure drinking water but supported the cause of Jessica lall in hope to get a system which will not justify in only this case but also in all those which are pending in Indian courts and are dying because of proper witnesses.
Verdict has not seen through this aspect of commoners, this case has provided us an opportunity to do some thing for ordinary citizen, who don't even have access to last page of our media.

Thus opening of Champagne bottles are dishonor to all those who deserve first pure drinking water than only dream of costly wine, which rich people buy to spread in air to celebrate their victories.
A commoner has seen their (Page three) first reaction (opening of Champagne bottles) after the high court verdict. One again think that, Are these those for whom they have lit bundle of candles at Indian gate?
If justice for Jessica was struggle of ordinary citizens that celebration for victory should be as ordinary as we the Indian are.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Know Bina Rehmani Statement on which basis Delhi high Court delivered its Verdict of Jessica lall murder case.

Justice is not just for Jessica, it should be equal for all 29501450 pending cases in Indian courts. Will Indian High judiciary ensure that in every ordinary case (not in only page three society cases).
See what Bina Rehmani a key witness had stated in her statement in lower court, which was high basis of Delhi high court decision. That she had seen accused Manu Sharma firing fatal shot at Jessica lall.

When Bina Rehmani was told by public prosecutor court to identify a person to whom she had confronted at crime occurrence.
Bina Rehmani pointed towards Manu Sharma and when further asked to touch him. After touching him she added that the person who was confronted by her on the stairs was somewhat like Sidharth Vashist@ Manu Sharma .She also added that it does not satisfy her that Sidharth Vashist was the same person.

Above testimony by Bina Rehmani tells how she was sure about her identification of accused, which had cost Life imprisonment for a Young.

We here in this forum are try to locate the natural justice opportunities for all .Because
What as a nation we are accusing American, the denial of natural justice opportunities to Iraqi Dictator Saddam.
Natural justice is the first human Right of a human. The democratic society like India not only requires this to be implementing in true sprit in its justice delivery system but also transform it into every aspect of its societal values

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jessica Lall Murder Case: Who Should Get Benefit of Doubt?

Law should be absolute and transparent. Any judicial decision should be above doubts and ambiguities. Indian laws say that innocent should not be punished at all costs. This is the real soul and sense of Indian justice delivery system.
But this simple ethics of judiciary was totally ignored by Delhi high court in Jessica lall murder case.
In media or society eyes it may or may not be justified but in court of laws, in case of any doubt as in this case two bullets and two person theories by prosecution creates a doubt.
Here we are just putting sole on law point that in such an ambiguous situation, what law says who should be given benefit of doubts prosecution or accused.

Clear answer one ordinary citizen will get is only that benefit should given to accused side not prosecution who has not able to produce absolute and transparent case in court. But In this case, Delhi high court decision has given win-win situation for prosecution.

As an ordinary citizen I just want that it real soul and sense of Indian justice delivery system should be honor at all cast because if this will apply to all ordinary Indian courts cases than all can guess complete nightmare for ordinary citizens who don’t have access to high powered Indian media as such of page three society.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Delhi High Court hurriedly jailed Manu Sharma: Just for Media glare ?

Justice for Jessica lall was not only struggle of media or Sabrina lall as it is now projected. It was the people of India means us who has try to give our voices against "justice delayed, justice denied' in this case.
When this case had reached Delhi high court in April 2006 the ray of hopes raised in our eyes that Indian judiciary will use this opportunities to make a system for ordinary Indian who are facing "justice delayed, justice denied' in every sphere of their lives.
But all to Indian high judiciary, it has played in hands of Indian media glare and tried to decide case so hurriedly even ignoring basics of natural justice and lost that chance to evolve a system which would not only take care that "Justice delayed, justice denied" but will also keep "Justice hurried, Justice buried" in its mind.
When now even Saddam’s judicial trial is in question on natural justice grounds in a country with no human rights track records. Than In our nation which we consider as progressive democracy, this type of justice delivery is above common minds.
Now ordinary Indian feels cheated by media and Sabrina lall because he/she was told by these (Indian media and Sabrina) that fight for Jessica was for ordinary Indian.
All those who lit candles in India gate was ignored when Sabrina lall and Indian media celebrated their victory with opening of champagne bottles and making V sign.
Now all of us who fought for Jessica lall have high hope on Indian Supreme court to take it as opportunity and do some thing for common people of India which was lost by Delhi high Court under media Glare.

Justice Hurried, justice Burried

This vedict of this case has raised many questions in our minds.
1. if one wrong commited by us can be reactify by another first Justice for Jessica lall was delayed for long seven years and now for Manu sharma "Justice hurried , Justise burried" by delhi high court. This decison was conveyed so quick that it has over rule all process of natural justice.
2. The style and kind of seberina celebration after high court verdict with opening of champagne bottles was never that what common Indian fought nor it is way of an indian.
3. lastly and most importantly main wittness Bina rehmaani is clearly saying in this video that she never said that she had seen manu sharma firing shot at jessica lall as Delhi high court has made it main basis of its verdict in jessica lall case.

I request Indian High Judiciary Be Just because you are deceding the human lives not physical matter, You can't or should not do it for the sake of your media glare.If this trend reach to lower indian judiciary than God is only way to save us.